Economides, Athena, 2009
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Medienart Audiobook Overdrive
ISBN 9780007337217
Verfasser Economides, Athena Wikipedia
Beteiligte Personen McNab, Rosi Editor Wikipedia
Schlagworte Foreign Language Study, Nonfiction, Education, Study Aids & Workbooks
Verlag CollinsLanguage
Jahr 2009
Altersbeschränkung keine
Sprache englisch, griechisch
Annotation The audio course guides learners through a series of 12 short units. Each unit introduces around 5 new key words or phrases before expanding on the basic vocabulary with practice activities, memory tips and culture and etiquette advice. An accompanying 48-page colour booklet provides full transcripts of the conversations as well as helpful hints to guide the user through their learning experience. Unit 1: Hello Unit 2: Excuse me Unit 3: Where's the bar? Unit 4: Over there Unit 5: What will you have? Unit 6: Do you have...? Unit 7: Do you know where the Metro is? Unit 8: I want to go to... Unit 9: Do you have a room? Unit 10: It hurts Unit 11: I want to make an appointment Unit 12: I like it!